Smithsonian Encyclopedia of Knowledge

Smithsonian Encyclopedia of Knowledge : (Updated and Enlarged Edition): The World as You’ve Never Seen It Before (Knowledge Encyclopedias)

Smithsonian Encyclopedia of Knowledge Presents a children’s encyclopedia, focusing on space, earth, nature, the human body, science and history.

An incredible, educational journey through space and time on planet Earth and beyond. This is the perfect educational book for a young explorer.

Encyclopedia of knowledge Experience the Big Bang at the beginning of the universe and travel through our world’s rich history right up until the digital world we live in today. This magnificent general knowledge book will entertain and educate.

A breath-taking comprehensive guide to planet Earth and the universe that is guaranteed to boost your child’s brainpower.

Encyclopedia of knowledge covers the complexities of space, science, nature, technology, art, history, and culture, which are broken down into bite-sized chunks supported by statistics, maps, timelines, and cutting-edge graphics to make even the most complex subjects easy to understand.

Author(s): Smithsonian Institution.;Bull, Peter;Cook, Rob;Munsey, Lizzie;Priddy, Sam;Sturgeon, Alison
Publisher: DK Publishing
Language: English
Size: 82 MB (85654910 bytes)
Pages: 360 pages

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