Kettlebell Exercises Pdf

Kettlebell Exercises Pdf

60 Quick Gymless Workouts provides you with “ yep, you guessed it “ 60 unique workouts. These workouts feature at-home friendly exercises that require your body, resistance bands, and/or kettlebells.

Kettlebell Exercises Pdf will be upfront with you: this is not a complex book. It’s not a program that you follow for four weeks or eight weeks, and it doesn’t require you to understand serious exercise terminology. For better or worse, it’s simply a collection of awesome workouts that will help you get fit (or fitter).

Its written for complete beginners and super-advanced rockstars alike. Beginners will find plenty of “starter” workouts designed to help build a base of strength. The more advanced crowd, on the other hand, has the opportunity to confront fast-paced, intense circuits with hard-to-master movements.

If you’re worried about dealing with the same exercises that all minimal equipment books feature, don’t be. You won’t see a million different variations of pushups and pullups “ who wants that, anyway? Instead, you get to rock fun exercises like Lunge to Squat Jumps, Anti-Rotation Alphabets, and Low-High Swings.

As for the workouts, they’re quick – typically 15 to 30 minutes long – but effective. You can use them to build strength, improve your conditioning, develop balance, and more. Perhaps most importantly, they’re varied. Theres something for everyone, and that’s a promise.

Heres a preview of whats inside:

100+ bodyweight, band, and kettlebell exercises with video links and tips

20 bodyweight workouts

10 band workouts

10 kettlebell workouts

10 band and bodyweight workouts

10 kettlebell and bodyweight workouts

And more, including a handy list of ways to modify exercises and workouts to your heart’s conten

Kettlebell Exercises Pdf